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We offer a range of courses and presentations which can be customized to your individual requirements. Our courses can be given in-house at your premises, saving time and travelling costs or at our training suites in London and Manchester*.


Data Security - Preventing Data Leaks

The accidental loss of data is an everyday risk for businesses of all sizes. And the financial penalties can be very severe –the Information Commissioner's Office can now impose a charge of up to £500,000; the Financial Services Authority can fine erring companies many millions.

Traditional risk assessment and management will not prevent data leaks, neither will high-tech solutions. Learn how to limit both accidental and deliberate data security breaches in a practical, cost effective way.

Course length: 1 Day

Staff Awareness – Data security : Personal security

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace – social networking has never been more popular. Or dangerous. Are your staff putting themselves and their colleagues at risk? Are they putting corporate information at risk?

To understand why data security is important and why security policies are necessary, staff first need to understand the risks they run everyday just by living in the information age. Help them to keep control of their own private information and they will apply what they learn to information in the workplace.

Course length: 1 Day

Forensic readiness : Strategy and Response I:

Knowing how to gather and retain electronic evidence is vital if a company is to survive a data security incident and limit any associated damage. Without a strategy to direct and control your corporate response, time, information and credibility will be quickly lost.

This key course, aimed at public and private sector clients, details the preparations which should be put in place prior to an incident starting and the measures which will be needed to keep an incident under control as it evolves.

Course length: 1 Day or 2 Days, when combined with the following hands-on course.

Forensic readiness : Strategy and Response II:

Especially tailored for organisations which need to respond to compliance requirements such as the Cabinet Office's 'Minimum Mandatory Measures' for forensic readiness.

This course features hands-on procedures and equipment training.

Learn how to:

  • Build your First Responder team
  • Collect and preserve digital data to courtroom standards
  • Keep the correct records and maintain a clear chain of custody
  • Choose and use the right equipment for First Responders
  • Choose a digital forensics expert for in-depth data analysis

* Minimum seat numbers apply on external courses. Please call for details.

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