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IT Project Forensics

IT procurements of every size are notoriously prone to delay and failure. Then the desperate customer may reach for the contract and the lawyers. But the resulting progression: Negotiate – Mediate – Litigate is very costly, and may not lead to a satisfactory conclusion. You need to get off this track as fast as you can, with a settlement that both sides recognise as fair.

To do so, the first step is an expert forensic review of the project – to know what went wrong and why, and how the contract was breached. With this in hand and with independent expert support, you can approach the following stages with confidence and realistic expectations, and reach the best settlement with the least pain.

Our consultants are experienced IT project managers

We have acted as experts in large and small IT disputes, which went all or part of the way to litigation, including some of the largest IT project disputes to have come before the British courts. We have given evidence in the high court in four disputes, and acted in mediations and arbitrations, obtaining excellent results for our clients.

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" Your performance at the crucial stage in this carried great weight and I appreciate all that you have done to prepare for it and carry it out "

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