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Mobile Phone Interrogation

Just like computers, mobile phones keep an activity trail that can be uncovered with specialist tools. Discovery Forensics has the technology to interrogate thousands of handset types including iPhones, BlackBerrys and Androids. Other mobile devices such as iPads, iPods and Sat-Navs can also be investigated. 

Texts, photos and file exchanges via popular apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger and Skype can be stored on modern mobile phones along with web browsing, social media activity, contact lists, videos and emails.  Even the most basic phones keep call logs and SMS traffic.

Recovering deleted data has always been a problem when it comes to mobile phones but Discovery Forensics can reliably retrieve lost information from an impressive range.  For locked or damaged phones, we offer 'Chip Off' data recovery.  Please enquire.

Cell Site Analysis

Cell Site analysis places the geographical location of mobile phones with remarkable accuracy.  Whenever calls are made, texts are sent or web browsing occurs, records are kept by service providers.  These can be used to plot the movements of a mobile phone at given dates and times. Together with on-site signal coverage measurements, cell site location data can pin point whether a phone was at or near a given location during use, information which can be invaluable for solicitors seeking to question or verify evidence which may go before a court.

Our Cell Site service offering includes Call Data Record (CDR) analysis and signal coverage testing, both on-site and on driven routes.  Results are mapped to provide a clear record of individual cell site locations and the areas served by them relative to given addresses and street names.  Full, expert advice is provided for all findings and Court reports are produced in plain English. 

Key Points

  • Thousands of mobile models analysed
  • iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones included
  • WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS texts etc. recovered
  • Contacts, call logs, photos, audio and video recovered
  • Deleted data retrieved from many models
  • Cell Site Analysis service
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