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Incident Response

No matter how well locked down the information system, security breaches are bound to occur. And when an incident hits, the ensuing panic can mean that defence mechanisms don't work as intended. Worse still - many firms have no data defence mechanisms in place at all.

Companies risk massive damage to both their finances and reputation when a security incident breaks. We can help you regain control, limit the damage and stop vital evidence from leaking away.

Discovery Forensics' specialist team of Incident Response professionals is there for your business from the first telephone call, helping you to shoulder the burden of responsibility. We offer full on-site attendance and support for incident management and investigation. We will guide you every step of the way back to recovery.

Services We Offer

  • Emergency telephone support
  • Full on-site assistance
  • Data recovery / Digital Forensic analysis
  • Aftercare and training
  • Security policy advice
  • Complete confidentiality assured
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